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World’s First Idle Blockchain Game Magic Academy Launches on Tron

New benchmarks for blockchain technology adoption are being set daily. Tron’s blockchain intends to be at the forefront of this revolution, and its brand-new game sends the same message. BitGuild has utilized the Tron blockchain to create the first idle blockchain gamein the world. Known as Magic Academy, the game will feature TRC20 tokens and a new concept — true item ownership.

No More “Locked” Characters

Games are notorious for keeping characters, keys, lives, and other important aspects of the gameplay locked for users, which could get very annoying. BitGuild found the gamers’ pain point and created a true item ownership-based game. BitGuild said on Tron’s Medium:

“You’re free to buy, sell, or trade game assets at your leisure! The days of digital locks on your cards and swords are over!”

It explained further that the game would “redefine” the player-developer relationship and facilitate full ownership of in-game assets while providing cheap and safe trading opportunities for these items too. In-game items will also be cross-game compatible.

The gamers will be introduced to Jade, a TRC20 token, which can be received by buying upgrade items and wizards. They can also buy warriors in the game to get more battle power. Users can also attack and steal another players’ Jade. The unique way in which the cryptocurrency is mined ensures that it remains in perpetual production. The more items one owns, the higher his production speeds will be. Ranking lists will also be available on the platform to see who is mining the most Jade.

Bringing Unique Blockchain Assets to Life

Magic Academy will also feature some rare item prizes. These items will be based on TRC721. As soon as a user acquires one of these items, his production power, and battle power will improve significantly. The assets can also be traded freely among the players, and prizes will rise by 25 percent every time.

The entire game’s codes, numerical designs, and rules are based entirely on Solidity to ensure credibility, transparency, and openness. The transactions can be completed within split seconds using Treasure, and tracking becomes easier as all are present on the blockchain. The game currently supports English and Chinese.

BitGuild became a Tron Super Representative on Sept. 21. It promised to give back all of its Tron rewards (i.e., 32 TRX per block generated) to the community.

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