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What is a sleeping Giant? : #OKcash $ok

What Is a “Sleeping Giant?” : #OKcash $ok

“Where the wild things are” a king ruling over his sleeping giant 😉

In crypto, the term “sleeping giant” has been used to describe coins that have large potential but minimal current cap.  The cause for such potential is almost purely speculation.  However, a trained eye can discern when a market has entered a “sleeping giant” phase, and set up proper trade opportunities.

One must analyze both the Fundamental Analysis (FA; Characteristics of a coin/project that add value) and Technical Analysis (TA; market conditions for a coin)

Technical Analysis:

Large Market View (1d)

We can see that OKcash had many volume and price spikes over the past 2 years.  OKcash was an early indicator of alt season, having multiple price spikes during bitcoin’s early rise, then showed resilience against the rising BTC but still entered a long term bearish trend.  This all occurring in 2017; 2018 has been nothing but down.

In a closer view, we can see that the relative volume to price has stayed in a very “healthy” range. One in which traders stayed attentive to opportunities while still following overall market trend.  This is not a science, but an art.

Closer look at market (1d)

With each volume and price spike, there is great indication of greater accumulation by market makers.  We can see sellers are quick to reject relative high prices, but buyers have continued to prove out a bottom, and begin a new trend.  Current volume between Bittrex  and Upbit  is 20% of OK’s total market cap.  It is not fair to say “20% of all OK have changed hands.”  In the same day a buyer can become a seller.  This is why the above analysis must be done in detail, often looking at trade history and blockchain explorers.

Fundamental Analysis

Okcash has a wide eco-system of resources that are informational, and direct you to the vivid and wide community that supports OKcash.  The OKcash discord server is packed daily with rains, announcements and discussion.  The inflation rate of OKcash is currently at 5%, and according to the block explorer, is being “realized” at a rate much lower.  The active participation in the network remains high in user count, and active nodes.  All of this creates a solid base for a sleeping giant set up.

In addition to the summary of analysis above, there is one key piece that must be missing.  Yes, a key piece must be missing for it to be a sleeping giant.  If everything was present for the perfect FA and TA, this would not be a sleeping giant, but another category that will be discussed later.  OKcash is missing only one thing.  You may ask, what is this one thing?  Only the market will know, and will be proven in hindsight.

The good trader will find the opportunities in this market with such a high potential. This is only a summary of our analysis where the details remain proprietary.  Follow us, to keep track of this, and much more crypto news approaching!




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