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War of Crypto Introduces the First Blockchain Character Playable in Minecraft

War of Crypto, an upcoming PvP multiplayer game built on Enjin (ENJ) that features unique, evolvable, tradeable Heroes, revealed the first Enjin multiverse item capable of being played across multiple games: Goard.

In its announcement, the team revealed Goard as a tank unit native to War of Crypto, but capable of being truly owned by gamers and being played across multiple games via the Enjin multiverse system, highlighting the utility of blockchain technology in gaming.

As the War of Crypto game itself is not yet live on the Enjin blockchain, the developers highlighted the capability of token-based game assets by crossing Goard over to be playable in a Minecraft universe, PokéFind.

While Goard originates from War of Crypto, Goard owners will be able to use his multiverse powers and be able to battle him against Pokémon and other Minecraftplayers on PokéFind as soon as November 10th. All Goards from Early Access sale will be backed by 190 ENJ with a two percent opening rate, roughly 300 multiverse Goards if all crystals are sold.

This news comes shortly after Enjin announced the launch of its Mintshop, a new blockchain item creation service that allows users to rapidly create custom assets via a simple online store.

Developers and users can now submit requests for ERC-1155 tokens, and one of the project’s “Enjineers” will craft your blockchain assets for them. These tokens enable items to be stored on a single contract with the minimum possible amount of data needed to distinguish that item from others within the contract.

Enjin Coin is currently trading for $0.05, giving the project a $38.6 million market cap.

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