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Ignition Coin (IC) Entering Phase II of Inflation

Ignition Coin

From the Ignition Coin whitepaper:

“The Ignition Network and its common network token, ignition coin, is an open-source,
peer-to-peer commodity, designed and engineered using the best ideas for value storage from
many different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. The Ignition Network seeks to create a
cryptocurrency whose primary function is as a secure store of value, like bitcoin, without any of
the current limitations that we believe will one day inhibit Bitcoin’s potential growth.

The Ignition Network is designed by ‘rethinking the cryptocurrency wheel’ by critically re-thinking
what a cryptocurrency was designed to do. What this means is that Ignition Coin’s primary focus
is not as a being a currency, although it can easily act as one (with low fees too!), or as some
newer smart contract tokens such as Ethereum try to be (though it does allow for highly
advanced voting and consensus). The primary goal with the Ignition Network is to be a strong
platform engineered to both store value, and grow it.

The Ignition Network leverages the many ideas and proven concepts created across the entire
spectrum of the cryptocurrency revolution. Incorporating various techniques and code that
enabled hybrid verification proofs, drastically lower fees, limited supply and inflation, capped at
5 million tokens, and larger, faster blocks and block times”



Ignition Coin (IC) began almost 10 months ago during the height of the BTC bull market.  Its lead Development & Project Organizer, RYAN CARLOW (@technium) has remain dedicated to growth and development through the bear market.  With alts reaching an inflection, its a good time to start examining projects that have shown signs of growth, dedication, and innovation.

In short, Ignition Coin (IC) is a POW/POS hybrid coin rewarding 50% to POW NeoScrypt miners, 25% to MN hodlers (3000 $IC each) and 25% to POS Stakers (min age 30 min/min 1 $IC.)  Initial distribution included a limited pre-mine that has been spent along the way to add the coin to exchanges, bounties for growth and development, and in social rewards to community members for promoting the coin.  Beyond this, the first ~1 M $IC are now in existence and the inflation has been adjusted down by over 70%.  The block reward went from 3.4 $IC per block to .95 $IC.  Put another way…


The first 1 Million $IC now exist, it will take another ~4 years for the next 1 Million $IC to be created.

From a community/social aspect, the coin seems to be doing well for its current cap and relation to other coins.  The discord server is busy with rains/soaks on one channel, and active discussions on others.  Their social feed on twitter is commanding getting up to 300 RT on a single tweet.  Certainly a strong base to build upon as the alt scene recovers.

There is much more to analyze and discover.  As alts creep into a recovery mode, keep on the look out for updates!





Coin Name Ignition
Coin Ticker IC
Max supply 5 000 000
Coin type POS / POW Hybrid
Block time 120 Sec
Maturity 30 min
Masternode Amount 3000 $IC
Method: 50% [POS (.475 $IC + .475 $IC)]  + 50%[POW .95 $IC]

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