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20 Signs Of A Good ICO

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is one of the most popular and fastest ways for blockchain-based projects to raise funds, and it may be an excellent opportunity for potential investors to find a prospective project and to invest in the next cryptocurrency at early token sale stages, as these are usually followed by good deals and bonuses. There is still one important question that may stay on your way to a profitable investment – How to know if an ICO is worth investing? How to verify and ICO? We will move to 20 signs of a good ICO we prepared for you, but let’s mention ICO listing websites and trackers first.

A good ICO listing website or an ICO tracker is usually a service that makes some homework for you. It finds promising projects for investment and monitors each project to provide up-to-date information, such as presale and public sale start/end dates, it keeps an eye on token metrics, any important project changes and updates its database to provide the end-user with quality data, and to save her / his time. Finally, a good ICO listing website has to prescreen and review projects to filter out possible scam. All this data and ICO ratings may help you, as an investor, to get an overview of a project, but a manual analysis before the actual investment is still required.

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